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Change Up Your Look

Have you always dreamed of changing up your hair color? Perhaps you want to be a fiery red head, or cover your strands in golden highlights to get that sun-kissed look year-round. Come on down to Alira Boutique Spa for professional, luminous hair coloring and highlighting services. Unsure what color will work best for you? Don’t worry! Our professional stylists are here to help you find the perfect hue.

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Hair Coloring & Highlighting Services

Single Process Color: $60+

Color Retouch: $50

Ombre: $100+

Balayage: $90+

Partial Short-Hair Highlights: $60+

Partial Long-Hair Highlights: $70+

Full Highlights: $90+

Lowlights- Partial: $85

Lowlights-Full Head: $140

Color Glossing Treatment: $40

Complete Color Change/Correction: Price by Consultation

Due to the personalized nature of the hair coloring art, the above listed prices represent a pricing guideline for color services. A complimentary consultation is required for every color client in order to discuss goals, assess hair texture and integrity, and to describe available options.

At that time, we can determine the amount of time needed for the appointment and provide pricing.

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